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Souvik Ghosh Founder & Author         (Other Blogs)

Souvik is a 21 year old guy from Chandannagar,WB,India.Started this blog on December,2012 to share his knowledge in the field of SEO,  Blogger and Technical Field. Apart from writing on this blog he is pursuing B.Tech on Computer Science.Regarding any information about this blog feel free to comment.


Souvik started blogging in  2011,Thereafter his life changed dramatically. He started taking interest in tweaking Blogger Templates by thoroughly reading articles online. His thirst for learning and understanding latest web technologies like HTML5, PHP and JavaScript equipped him with an excellent art of web designing. He is now a web designer without having taken any professional training.

blogging purpose

The purpose of publishing this blog is to provide high quality Blogging tips,SEO tricks and Online earning methods. Each post is published with a hope so that every blogger may learn the core basics to establish himself as a skilled entrepreneur, act as a rich resource to the online community and make a happy living online.